Saturday, July 20, 2013

Long Hot Days

The thermometer says it is 98.5 degrees today, but it feels hotter than that.  The summer days crawl by as we learn and grow and work together in this land.  The month of fasting is upon us and it makes everyone hungrier, a little more tired and a lot more grouchy.  I have said more than once that if I had any temptation to change religions, one month in a context like this during Ramadan would be enough to keep me from doing so.  I try to not become jaded, but it is hard.  I am quick to see the negative in people these days. That is always an indication that I need to rub shoulders with friends and neighbors more to be reminded of why we are here.

I am reading in John about  Jesus' last weeks on earth and I find His passion and focus convicting. I am quick to give in, to find excuse for taking the easy way out.  But what would happen if I stuck with it for the long haul, gave just a little more, took a risk here and there?  I am asking God to show me how to do that.

I have a lot I want to share, but felt like I needed to get the ball rolling somehow.  So, here is to more writing and less sweating!