Saturday, February 1, 2014

God's Water

Sometimes when we are juggling our crazy kids, and crazy travel schedule and crazy life, we look back and wish we had take advantage of when things were a little easier.  Why didn’t we travel more before we had to worry about teething and diapers and the messed up sleep schedules of four people instead of just two? 

One of the biggest things we have learned while living overseas is to get something when you see it.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen something in the bazaar and thought, “I think I would really like that…I will go home and think on it and come back to get it if I still feel that way in a few days.” That never works, because that thing is always gone. Always.   So, we are trying to integrate thing thinking into other areas of our life as well. We are learning to take advantage of opportunities when we have them, no matter how crazy or exhausting they seem in the moment.  I know it is cliché to say that our days are numbered, but we really feel that in this place.  We count it a unique gift to be able to be here and we don’t know how long that will last.  So, we are working on seizing the day.

For a while I have kicked myself that we didn’t seize the day when we lived in Lal. We had the opportunity to visit Band-e-Amir and we didn’t take it. We were tired from traveling to the village so much and tired of being sick, and tired of our staff….so when the staff trip happened we said no thanks and stayed home to sleep in.  But looking back, we were sad we didn’t take advantage of seeing this place that so many rave about. 

Fast forward to two months ago and we found ourselves in Lal again.  We had a great time re-visiting that place that was so foundational in our growth and introduction into this land.  After two weeks there, we loaded up into a LandCruiser and took off across the mountains with 40 of our staff (and their kids) in search of Bande Amir. 

Band-e-Amir is a chain of seven lakes that are literally in the middle of nowhere. They are not man-made…they are a Gift from God. Only God knows how they got there. Only God knows how deep they are. Only God knows how he lined the lakes with Lapis Lazuli (obviously how they became so blue in color). Only God knows all of the healing properties that the waters hold.  Our staff reverently reminded us of these things on our way there. 

The trip was not easy. One car broke down…in the middle of nowhere.  We crammed a bunch more people in and kept going.  A long long time later we arrived and were met with breathtaking views of the bluest water we had ever laid eyes on.

We made our way to the bazaar area and found a tea house to camp out in.  We felt very spoiled to have a whole room for our family. Because of my gifting in attracting fleas, we spent a LONG time dousing our room and all of the cushions, etc. In flea powder and ourselves in bug spray.  God still does miracles because I walked out of three nights in that place with only one flea bite. 

The next few days were spent hiking, exploring, swimming and spending time with our staff.  We had a fantastic time and are SO glad that we too advantage of the opportunity to go.  It was so much fun!  I will leave you with a few photos of the beautiful place.

The sunset view our first night there

You can rent paddle boats to take out on the water

Little T and A.P. Marvelling at the beauty of the water. 

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The Little Lady got worn out with all the hiking

Little T and Mr. Renee feeding the fish

Little T in his happy place

The son of one of our staff members. He and Little T became fast friends

The beauty was really unbelievable

We went to another one of the lakes to swim in the frigid water. Such a fantastic adventure!

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  1. So glad you were able to go. It looks so beautiful. The picture of little T in the swan boat is a classic!